• Pumping abrasive products

    Pemo pump instead of agitator

    The problem
    When a company in the Botlek (The Netherlands) made ​​use of an agitator to prevent product settling into a pit, their agitator blades lasted less than three month's due to the highly abrasive nature of the product.

    The solution
    By using a Pemo pump with attached agitator, the need for a seperate agitator was eliminated and resulted in a lifetime of this solution since 2003.

  • Coal dredging wear plates cleaning

    The new coal dredging cleaning system

    We were approached to come up with a solution for a "special" problem.

  • Scavenging pumps

    AS pump - The pump of all pumps

    For a special big dairy company in the Netherlands it was required to have eight new CIP min scavenging pumps. The beautiful thing about these pumps is the fact that they leave no remaining product in the tanks, because of the round vessel on top of the pump. The vessel creates a situation of integral air seperation. They are similar to the flooded suction centrifugal pumps, so have all the advantages of centrifugal pumps, with the added capability of efficiently pumping mixtures of air and liquid.


  • R.CIP - α-jEt



    Around three years ago the people at De Graafstroom decided to further automate their production process of the cheesemaking. A existing production line was optimised with the wish of reducing from two operators to one operator. Especially with the wrongel dissolvers, eight tanks in a row, things didn't go according to plan. Operations manager B. Lavrijsen, Maintenance manager C. de Jong of the dairy factory and J. Wijnveldt from ContratEch Cleaning Solutions look back on three years of collabaration. 

  • R.CIP - The CyberjEt 1

    Already the 4th generation of R.CIP CyberjEt technology this machine was deliverd in 2006 for a cheese coating company in Friesland (The Netherlands). The cleaning is perfomed fully automatic with less then 3 m3 of liquid. What makes this project really special, is the fact that now tanks do not need to be opened anymore after the cleaning.  

  • Tumbler cleaning - A retractable cleaning system

    Project: 30502.1429-492/456 The retractable cleaning system

    ContratEch Cleaning Solutions recieved the request to develop a special system for a company in the chemical industry. The end user wanted to optimize the cleaning of their tumblers, which now took days to clean. In the old situation they needed to choose between entering the tumbler (which are dangerous working conditions) or “cook” the granulates out of the tumblers. The products that where used to ”cook” these products out of the tumblers where extremely toxic.

  • Filterpress - Pemo pumps with control

    The two pemo control pumps

    The placement of two Perissinotto Pumps with specially developed control for the purpose of filter press. This was for a big pigment processing company in Limburg (The Netherlands). An alternative for the till then used air membrane pumps.

    The main decicive facts for the investment of this project were:

  • Whey cleaning - ILS (InLine Sprayer)

    The goal of this project was to deliver a cleaning system to clean the whey sieve. Before, the customer had water sprayed on the sieve, but also in the area around the sieve. With the ILS system, the excess of water that is sprayed around the area of the sieve is reduced and the cleaning is now focussed on where it needs to be... the whey sieve.

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