About ContratEch


Established in 1996

Spin-off TU Delft

Known from the CyberjEt

Revolutionary, sustainable and intelligent cleaning

It was the invention of the controlled tank cleaning robot at the Technical University of Delft that led to the founding of ContratEch in 1996. The inventor, ir. D.G.F. Verbeek, started looking for a more economical way to clean tanks in 1988 as assigned by the VROM (Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment).

Later the NOVEM (Ministry of Dutch Energy Entrepreneurs and Environment) participated in the first test machine. Mr. Wijnveldt was involved because of his work
in the sector and this collaboration led to the launch of a water-saving tank cleaning system for VOPAK, which eventually ran successfully for 17 months and saved 70% washing water!

Foundation of ContratEch Cleaning Solutions

The founder of the current ContratEch Cleaning Solutions BV (CCS) is Mr. John M. Wijnveldt. He understood that we were dealing with an absolutely revolutionary turnaround in automatic and robotic tank cleaning (R.CIP)! He still compares it to the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison.

Both gentlemen started a new company, called Tank Cleaning Engineering (TCE) to provide knowledge and patents to the market. However, to everyone’s surprise, reputable companies had absolutely no interest to give up their cash cows consisting of ‘lawn sprinklers’ and invest in this ‘green’ invention. They even paid a kind of hush money!

Since 1996, an intensive search has been made for participants, shareholders and / or cross-border government subsidies to make this invention known worldwide. In the end it turned out that we had to fight this battle alone. After having overcome all the “teething problems”, things quickly went uphill with ContratEch Cleaning Solutions (CCS). A totally new approach was chosen, business was centralized in one new BV, new employees were recruited, the company philosophy and company mission were adapted and improved.

The original invention, which had been given the name CyberjEt, was then completely redesigned from the ground up, using all the practical experience gained. The contemporary α-jEt® is therefore the result of wishes from the market and 25 years of experience. This mechanical and software masterpiece proves its services every day at many renowned companies and is now gradually conquering the food, brewery and pharmaceutical markets worldwide. The final development step towards the rapid realization of dedicated washing programs is largely due to input from ing. Wout van Hoek (hardware and software) and ing. Patrick de Bouvere.

Main activities ContratEch Cleaning Solutions

Within ContratEch there are three main activities:

  • The manufacturing of our own cleaning equipment, such as the R.CIP © cleaning robot, the α-jEt®, the RFS and the IQ Cleaners.
  • Import, export and repairs of process equipment
  • Consultancy and engineering, especially in the field of cleaning, pumps, sampling and sealing.

By the use of several framework agreements we can stay flexible, unbiased and competitive when it comes to consultancy, repairs and turn-key installations.

What can ContratEch Cleaning Solutions do for you?

ContratEch Cleaning Solutions can provide your company a so called full hygienic scan, which is a careful check of your tanks and/or machine park. We are providing in-house training programmes in the field of industrial tank cleaning. We can provide testing equipment, even the MDM and Perissinotto pumps. Very strong on the rise, solving various process problems by our IQ Solutions. If the solution does not yet exist, we will develop it for you!

So, for everything there is a solution and approach, we like to think outside the existing framework, “out of the box”! We take on almost any challenge, we are happy to speak to you by telephone to make a personal appointment!