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Smartest solution

Solution is key, not the product


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100% cleaning guarantee as basic principle

Keep it clean instead of making it clean

A good cleaning process uses as little energy, cleaning medium and power as possible (Sinner circle). Keeping it clean is therefore often better than making it clean. We identify areas for improvement in your existing processes in case of visible contamination or microbiological contamination (Riboflavin tank inspection). We then work out various solutions and choose the best approach together with you, based on environment and budget.

Right from the design phase

Engage us in the development or planning phase of a new project for advice & delivery in the field of cleaning, pumping, sampling or sealing. Thanks to years of experience, you immediately get the right solution, which is also guaranteed to function (in accordance with EHEDG). In any case, you have a reliable partner who will always point out your process technology in solicited and unsolicited ways.

years of experience



Tank cleaning

Guaranteed cleaning of your tanks for any application, with or without manhole and baffles.

Agitator cleaning

Smart cleaning of agitators, cups or other mixing equipment without the use of tank washers or pop-ups.

Conical mixers & cyclones

Highly targeted cleaning (spot washing) of pollution and hard-to-reach “shadow spots” by a derivative of our CyberjEt.

OST cleaning

Specialized solution for cleaning and recovery of residual product in cheese-forming vats.


Washing streets & tunnels

Targeted cleaning of conveyors and vessels with minimal use of cleaning medium.


Fast, complete cleaning with minimal consumption.

Solutions with IQ


Controlled tank washing machine with fully customized programming. The ultimate way of cleaning according to the Sinner circle.

Video CyberjEt

IQ Cleaner

Available soon: the revolutionary innovation in tank washing machines. Developed according to the E = MCip² principle.

Tank washing machines

With high impact and reliable design, every spot in your tank cleans according to a fixed pattern. Required for processes with a difficult to clean product.

Rotating spray balls

Cleaning using slightly more kinetic energy. With strategic placement and the right flow-pressure combination, this is one of the most commonly used cleaning methods.

Fixed spray balls

Laser burned, with jumping “jet”. Perfect for cleaning many objects, when more flow is desirable.

RFS: retractable spray balls

Retractable, self-cleaning, 360 ° rotating spray ball when it should not come into contact with the medium flow. Can be equipped with a ball segment valve and feedback.


We design, produce and test high-quality tailor-made solutions for your application.


Extends the life of tank washers and spray balls through timely cleaning and overhaul.

EXIL R3 / R4 / R6

Degreases and disinfects surfaces contaminated by oil and grease. The sophisticated combination of active ingredients, with or without ethanol, shows astonishing results. Also especially for removing oil residues on bitumen and open asphalt road surfaces.

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We are ContratEch

We have been solving cleaning problems for customers in the food industry for over 30 years. It is characteristic that we visit the location free of charge and provide advice. We also train your staff on location. Not the product, but the best solution always comes first. Guaranteed to work 100%

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