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Because there is always a solution! Thanks to many years of experience in the field of tank cleaning, pump technology and general process technology, we provide independent advice. We always look for the most suitable solution for your problem and guarantee the solution by giving 12-month testing options.

We call our solutions with reason IQ Solutions: always tailor-made, intelligent, transparent and the best quality.

years of experience


Hygienic non-return valves

Maximum hygiene

Magnetic check valves for sanitary liquid or air applications. Excellent cleanability and available up to 0.4 μm Ra.

Valve without increasing back pressure

Entirely stainless steel 316L with elastomers including EPDM, Viton, PTFE or NBR. No influence on flow or pressure due to design.

Widely applicable

Although developed for the food and pharmaceutical industry also for chemical applications. Also available as a “regulating valve” soon.


Inline filter (ILF)

Prevents blockages and damage to cleaning equipment in the CIP process. Originated as “police filter” at start-up of questionable quality CIP fluid. Minimal pressure loss, FDA proof and designed for DIN11851/11864-1 and TC.

Hygienic filter (MDM)

Inline filters with stainless steel 316 cartridges, up to 25 microns and large flows.

Automatic filtration system

Self-cleaning double or triple deck “vibrating” sieves, also on Delta P operating systems with scraper or vacuum principle.

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We are ContratEch

We have been solving cleaning problems for customers in the food industry for over 30 years. It is characteristic that we visit the location free of charge and provide advice. We also train your staff on location. Not the product, but the best solution always comes first. Guaranteed to work 100%.

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