Knowledge about cleaning and pump technology and ContratEch itself

Pump technology

Energy savings in pumps
Investing in a motor with a high return pays off
Bearing damage due to electrical current passage
Address pump wear in centrifugal pumps from vortices. Download publication: Professional magazine TIM (Dutch)
Engine efficiency 'in itself' says nothing
Energy consumption frequency converters
Legislation IE electric motors
Eccentric rotating displacement pumps
Solutions to pumping problems in the dairy industry
No cavitation problem with sanitary centrifugal pump
Download publication: Pump NL (Dutch)

Cleaning technique

Math wash for super tankers
Download publication: LOOK (Dutch)
New flushing model helps optimize tank cleaning
Download publication: Polytechnic Journal (Dutch)
Robot-controlled cleaning a future for industry
Download publication: Machevo (Dutch)
Cleaning liquid tanks without wasting water
Download publication: Polytechnic Journal (Dutch)
CyberjEt from Assen stands for worldwide breakthrough
Tank cleaning with impact (English)
Download publication: Management & Business
Tank washing robot Cyberjet saves cleaning agents and water
Robot from Assen takes care of the internal garbage truck (CyberjEt)
A worldwide first for the Amsterdam City Center: Cyberjet
Download publication: RAVO News (Dutch)
CyberjET information in Industrial Processing
Download publication: Industrial Processing (Dutch)
Maximum cleaning result with the CyberjEt
Download publication: Bulk (Dutch)
Tanks become cleaner with software
Rotary jet heads for perfect tank cleaning (CyberjEt, English)
Download publication: Newfood
Intelligent washing with robots (CyberjEt)
Download publication: Machinebouw (Dutch)
CyberjEt for major breakthrough in cheese production
Intelligent tank washing robot (a-jet)
Precision cleaning of sticky deposits in the tank
Download publication: Fluids Processing (Dutch)
Spraying in every nook and cranny (ContratEch at De Graafstroom)
Download publication: Fluids Processing (Dutch)

General technique

pH values
Download publication: Useful overview of pH values (Dutch)
Mesh vs. Micron comparison
Healthier frying (Loop Fryer)
Download publication: NRC (Dutch)
Never change fat again (Loop Fryer)
Download publication: Snack Courier (Dutch)
Healthier frying (Loop Fryer)
Download publication: The engineer (Dutch)


Top of Holland presentation ContratEch (2010)
Download publication: Top of Holland (Dutch)
Top of Holland presentation ContratEch (2011)
Download publication: Top of Holland (Dutch)
Presentation of ContratEch (English)
Download publication: North Star (German)
Presentation of ContratEch (German)
Download publication: North Star (German)

Questions & advice

We are ContratEch

We have been solving cleaning problems for customers in the food industry for over 30 years. It is characteristic that we visit the location free of charge and provide advice. We also train your staff on location. Not the product, but the best solution always comes first. Guaranteed to work 100%

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