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Robust solutions for every product to be pumped

Our Principles


Smartest solution

Solution is key, not the product


Less usage

Better for the environment

Great value

Quality always comes first


Fast delivery

By reliable partners

Free advice for your application

Sustainability as basic principle

Designed to last

All our pump solutions are designed for the long term: less maintenance and longer lifetime. Better for the environment and the process and therefore more return on your investment. Our maintenance and overhaul service is also tailored to this principle.

Process improvement

Our philosophy is to always look at a problem from the bigger picture: the entire process. Many problems can be solved through process optimization without necessarily installing new products.

years of experience



Milk reception

Fast unloading RMOs without product damage, basement or pre-pressure problems.

CIP minus & CIP plus

Supplying the cleaning process and rapid drainage to allow cleaning with “dry soil”.

Costly product loss

Smart solutions when every drop counts because of high product costs.

Abrasive slurries

Especially for pumping highly abrasive and/or chemical aggressive slurries.


Biomass installation

Pumping organic material (such as supermarket mix) from the grinder without any problem.

Filter press feeding

Very high pressures in combination with high flow: it is possible with just one pump.

Chemical liquids

Pumping of acids, staining and passivating media that are chemically very aggressive.

Hot oil

Pumping contaminated oil at high temperatures, such as frying fat.

Mixing & Dosing

Injecting fixed amounts of liquid for pH adjustment or product mixing.

Solutions with IQ

PEMO centrifugal pumps

Especially for pumping highly abrasive and aggressive slurries with sand, metal or glass content and/or organic material.

MDM hygienic centrifugal pumps

Developed for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Alltrax hot oil pumps

The first of its kind: hot oil pumps for food purposes, designed by EHEDG principles.

Worm pumps

Ideally suited for pulsation-free pumping of viscous and sensitive liquids in food applications.

Lobe pumps

The principle of non-contact operation results in minimal damage to pump and product. Furthermore, perfectly inline cleanable and ideal for hygienic applications.

Dosing pumps

Plunger or membrane principles (incl. operation control) suitable for dosing products such as liquids with high accuracy.

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We are ContratEch

We have been solving cleaning problems for customers in the food industry for over 30 years. It is characteristic that we visit the location free of charge and provide advice. We also train your staff on location. Not the product, but the best solution always comes first. Guaranteed to work 100%

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