centrifugal pumps

Specifically developed for hygienic applications


Completely stainless steel 316L


EHEDG compliant


Pump air or foam without cavitation or turning off


Milk reception

Fast unloading of RMOs without product damage, basement or pre-pressure problems.

CIP minus & CIP plus

Supply of cleaning medium or the return of (foam-containing) products, allowing washing with “dry soil”.

Costly product loss

Smart solutions where every drop counts because of high product costs. Earning back period of sometimes a year are possible.

About this pump

On the market since 1922

Main features:

  • Flows up to 360 m³/h
  • Pressures up to 15.8 barg
  • Extremely low NPSH
  • High efficiency
  • Surface finish up to 0.4 µm Ra
  • IE3 motors
  • Suitable for frequency inverters
  • Various DIN sealing principles possible

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We are ContratEch

We have been solving cleaning problems for customers in the food industry for over 30 years. It is characteristic that we visit the location free of charge and provide advice. Not the product, but the best solution always comes first. Guaranteed to work 100%

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