centrifugal pumps

Succesfully pumping highly abrasive slurries


Sand, stones, glass and metal up to 20mm


Hardness up to min. 750 HB


Warranty up to 5 years


Abrasive slurries

Especially for pumping highly abrasive slurries with sand, metal or glass content.

Biomass installation

Pumping organic material (such as supermarket mix) from the grinder without any problem.

Filter press feeding

Very high pressures in combination with high flow: it is possible with just one pump.

About this pump

Main features:

  • Flows up to 1600m3
  • Pressures up to 22 barg
  • Very robust construction
  • Single, double or triple stage
  • Vertically or horizontally
  • Submersible pump
  • Casings, impellers, shafts and bearings extra robust designed for longer lifetime

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